Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm a Carrie, for sure.

It's unfortunate that the only time I write here is when I'm feeling upset over something Yohan-related.

I've always had this dilemma in all my relationships. I feel upset over something, something that's not easily fixable, and I can't get over it. So I give myself two options: 1) suck it up and 2) break up. I usually go with option number 2, but evidently, I've been going with number 1 more often in this relationship than I have in all my other relationships. Combined.

And he tries, I'm sure he does. It's not all his fault, really. We're just two different people, and we have to get over our differences to make this work. And we do. We actually do. I just wish that the differences reveal themselves not so often and frequent. Give me some time to get used to things I don't like, please.

I've been watching Sex and the City the past week. Idek anymore.