Friday, March 7, 2014

an update on work and relationships and blah

Remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Nigel (Stanley Tucci) tells Andy (Hathaway) that she's doing well at work because her personal life is going up in smoke? I can relate to the opposite of that.

This is my 15th day (3rd week) of working for this publishing house, and I've never been so miserable. Before we get into the sordid details, lemme tell you how I got this job: I initially applied for an editorial position. I was interviewed on a Wednesday and was asked to come back for a second one the following Friday. During those moments, I really wanted the job (if you follow me on twitter, you'd know that). I was really hopeful and I was thirsty for employment after 4 months of bumming around. The weekend passed and the following Monday, I was asked to come back again, to be interviewed by the boss of the marketing department. The marketing assistant went into maternity leave and they needed a replacement. I agreed to take on the job on the conditions that I not lose a job when the marketing assistant comes back and that I still be considered for the editorial position. They agreed.

After two weeks, I drafted a resignation letter and was about to hand it in when the girl who hired me and the boss from a different department talked to me and somehow persuaded me to stay a little longer and let myself simmer a little more. I don't wanna get into why I'm so miserable, but I will summarize it by using a line I told the boss from editorial: "There's no perfect company and no perfect job, but it's like everything wrong about a company and a job can be found here."

And because I'm so miserable with my job, I've found myself being extra sweet and loving to my boyfriend. I have never been happier with our relationship. Whenever I get too stressed with work or my boss, I call him up and text him and for a little while, everything bad just disappears.

Last Wednesday, he picked me up from work and I was over the moon with joy. It had been a tense day, what with my boss barking at everyone, and seeing him outside our office just gave me the high I needed for such a low day.

When I start crying because of this job, I know that's when I'll be the most in love with him.