Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello, 2015

It was 11:58 and my family was already scrambling to go outside and watch fireworks. I, on the other hand, was scrambling for, guess what? Scented candles.

I knew my mom had a Raspberry Sorbet one and a Fresh Cotton one but I couldn't find them. I needed the scented candles because my room smelled like dog, see. And not just any dog. My room smelled like two freshly washed dachshunds (freshly washed dachshunds smell like regular smelly dachshunds) because I had just washed my two dachshunds, Woody and Katniss. The smell wouldn't bother me so much if I could just leave the windows and the door to the balcony open, but I couldn't due to the fireworks, which I and my dogs dislike. (I still took several burst shots, though, because Instagram is my religion.) I wasn't going to leave my dogs outside the house so I had to suffer the smell of two freshly washed dachshunds, and to lessen that pain, I really needed the scented candles.

I passed my uncles drinking and my cousins blowing horns and went through my mom's container of candles (yes, she has one). The candles there weren't scented, and I was running out of time. I didn't want to spend New Year looking for candles, I wanted to spend it in my room with my dogs and my teddy bears with the smell of either Raspberry Sorbet or Fresh Cotton wafting in the conditioned air. Thankfully, I found the jar of Raspberry Sorbet-scented candle by the dining room TV. What it was doing there, I don't know.

So I locked myself in my room with the jar of Raspberry Sorbet-scented candle and waited for the fireworks to stop.

Here's the scented candle, it even has my mom's name on it (it's a gift, apparently). The freshly washed dachshunds are fidgety underneath my desk, obviously not shown

* * *

Now it's 12:42 and I'm ready to go to sleep. Happy new year!