Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm a slut, but I'm a slut for everyone.

I was a very strong advocate of coming out of the closet when I was younger and very anti-straight and anti-"discreet." I didn't like the idea of a gay man not admitting to being gay and I felt that that hindered gay rights and all that political and social stuff even though I didn't really understand a lot of it back then. My mindset was if you're gay, you have to announce to the world that you're gay, you have to be proud of your homosexuality, otherwise you're setting the gay agenda back.

I'm kidding. We don't have a gay agenda. Wink wink.

Lately, however, I have become a lot more pro-choice. Because one's sexuality is one's business (and the business of one's partner/s, if any, to a lesser extent, of course), and because discreet shaming and in-the-closet shaming is very similar to gay shaming; it's discrimination. Maybe being a flaming 'mo works for me, but it might not for all the other fags out there.

(I can say fags, right? No?)

Another reason I've become pro-choice is the realization that sexuality, like any other aspect of one's identity, is very fluid and susceptible to change. This isn't a world that's divided into two, straight and gay, it's a world where there are bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, etc. (sorry if I missed what you identify as, kisses). There are also people who choose not to identify with a label, simply because they feel that they don't really fit in any of them, and that's totally fine.

I'm saying this because I think I'm one of those people who choose not to identify with a label. Sure, I am your stereotypical millenial ~cultured~ witty bakla, I am loud and funny and bitchy and I have watched every episode of America's Next Top Model, at least until Lisa won. But my behavior, my appearance, the way I talk and move and suck dick isn't necessarily congruent with my sexual preference. Yes, I like boys. A lot. But I may also be into women, and I've also entertained thoughts of engaging with transsexuals and transgendered individuals and cross-dressers.

Basically what I'm saying is I'm a slut, but I'm a slut for everyone. I want to experience any and everything, and that includes orgasms from all parts of the gender and sexuality spectrum.