Friday, November 20, 2015

Topline Report [November 20, 2015]

Good day, all. 

Hope you've had a productive week. Please find below a topline report on the status of project Lui Milanes, 23, San Juan City — we've made excellent progress in some aspects, but little to none in others, and in some cases, there is an obvious decrease in value:

  • CAREER — Recently we've seen Lui step up and really commit to his new responsibilities as Account Executive, a position he's held for a little over a month. Pleased to report that we've gotten feedback from some colleagues that his work has been satisfactory and in many instances, excellent. However, there was a recent issue where Lui accidentally sent an unfinished e-mail that had the words "haha," "hehe," and "hoho" as placeholders. This was quickly rectified by him sending an apology and a finished e-mail (proofread three times over for quality assurance) 5 minutes after the initial e-mail.
    • KEY TAKEAWAY: Enable "Undo Send"
  • RELATIONSHIP — As we all know, Lui has been committed to Ben (29, Antipolo) for the past month and two weeks. Their partnership has proven to be a good balance against CAREER; Lui is inspired to work harder, but he also has Ben to focus on which diverts him from being a complete workaholic. 
    • RISK/ISSUE: Although they have made efforts to be together despite their hardly overlapping schedules and locations, they have missed a superficial but/and significant milestone of their relationship: the celebration of their first monthsary*. They have since agreed to make up for it, will keep you guys posted on way forward once confirmed.
    • *local social phenomenon similar to the "anniversary," but celebrated on the specific date of the month a couple agrees to officially be together. Lui and Ben celebrate their monthsary during the 7th of the month.
  • FINANCE — Although with a higher chance for financial stability, we are having some difficulty gaining traction in accumulating funds. We see Lui's current location of employment as a major factor here, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is a premium area with many establishments catering to Lui's delusional taste — he constantly purchases goods (mostly food) that he does not need. We are working on mitigating this issue, will keep you guys posted. But offhand, other factors that are contributing to this issue are:
    • DEBIT CARD: Lui has recently discovered that instead of using cash to purchase goods, he can just use his Debit Card. This has led him to impulsive buying.
      • Recent impulsive purchases include a pair of sweatpants from H&M, Adele's album 25, and VSCo Presets.
    • UBER: Closely related to Location and Debit Card, Lui has recently been partial to taking Ubers instead of the usual more cost-efficient modes of transportation (bus, jeep, train).
  • WEIGHT — Officially flagging this. Would need further guidance regarding this issue. Maybe we could hop on a quick call to discuss this? Please let us know when you are available soonest as this is crucial.
    • @Universe, The Old Gods and the New, Holy Spirit: Kindly asking for your POV on this as we have tried all methods to improve WEIGHT but have not been successful. 
Hope this has been helpful.

As always, please feel free to reach out for any issues and clarifications.

Thanks and have a good day!

Best Regards.