Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm not going to start with "It's been a while..."

So what's happened since I last posted? I finished PI 100 with only a 2.00 because I did not go with the class to the shitstorm that was a field trip, I didn't stab anyone trying to get a PE class last June (I got 2, so yey me, I may still graduate on time), I changed my thesis topic from Postmodern Film Commentary to Drag Culture in Media, aaaaaaand that's pretty much it (school-wise, anyway).

I got a BlackBerry to replace the really sad excuse for a phone that I was using when my poor sweet iPhone died on me (finally, after 2-ish years), I've pined over Yohan every day for the post, oh, 5 months, I've gotten myself a Paul (and this is the first time I mention his name on the Internet that is not Facebook), and I've written more decent poems in a couple of weeks than I have ever in my whole life (minus the couple of weeks, obviously).

I understand Postmodernism just a tiny bit more, and I've gotten better at making friends with people whom I normally wouldn't even think of thinking about, I've given a lot of really helpful advice (I think) to people who think they need it. I know better. I always do.

A visiting professor from the University of Manchester is teaching us Hispanic Literature. Her name is Rocio.