Thursday, September 26, 2013

An update on my life.


I've been employed for the past 4 months (I started May 27). At first, I loved my job. I actually still do, but after a couple of weeks, the shine and glimmer of working starts to wear off. I still adore what I do and I count myself lucky to be not part of the unemployed sect of society.

Having a job, this job in particular, has been immensely great for me. I've broadened my horizons exponentially and my database of contacts has expanded and I've found future employers, should I need to leave. I feel as if every aspect of my personality has improved, or at least changed. I've found out that like most of the things I found intimidating, work isn't half the stress I imagined it would be. 

Work, however, isn't fun. It's fun at the office, sure, but work itself isn't too much of a ball. Or maybe I just have a predetermined mindset that work shouldn't be fun, so it isn't for me. I'm not complaining, though.

Also, I don't know why people keep saying that school is easy compared to work. Work has been a breeze compared to school. I'm not saying that school was difficult, but work is so much easier. Or maybe I'm just lucky enough to be part of a creative and not-too-strict workplace? I dunno, you tell me.



Sunday, September 22, 2013


Ever since my family's move to the San Juan house and my boyfriend's acquiring an apartment in Sta. Mesa, we've been together a lot. At first, around summertime, we'd see each other maybe 3 times a week, when he'd stay the night at our place. As the months went by, however, he's been staying with me all the time. The only time we're apart is when he goes to school and I go to work. He basically lives here.

And I love it.

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I've forgotten how to sleep alone. I used to do it every day for a solid year, and now I can't. I've gotten to used to his arm around me belly, to his hair grazing my neck, to his little pecks on my back before going to sleep, to his general presence in my bedroom (and life) that I've forgotten how to be alone.

Last night, he wasn't here. He went home because he actually still does have a family. I tried sleeping at around 1am and truly fell asleep at 3. To be fair, I actually do find it difficult to sleep without the aid of TV or music or whatever, but last night was extra difficult. I felt that without him beside me, my bed was a little too big, and my legs were a little too free.