Monday, March 2, 2015

his lover, the lover

he caressed his lover
As his lover came home
but the lover, his lover,
wasn't at all
coming with him

i'm not in the mood

would've worked perfectly
after all, who is in the mood
all the time?

i'm tired

would've been fine,
as the lover worked
a nine to five.

he wondered, why
his lover wouldn't let him touch
his lover anymore

he wondered, and yearned
for the soft mounds of flesh
and fat that gathered in his lover's belly
and thighs
and face
and ass
and he yearned
for his lover's warm mouth
around his yearning cock

but his lover, the lover,
wasn't at all
coming with him

so he gave up and whispered
i love you, lover
and his lover whispered back, with the most emotion he saw that night
i love you, too, you know

what he doesn't know
is that an hour ago
his lover was busy choking
on a stranger's semi-flaccid penis
and fondling a stranger's strangely small
and forming circles and swirls on a stranger's asshole

and half an hour ago,
his lover was swallowing
a stranger's cum
and coming with him

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